The Protagonist - Atom From The Sun

The Protagonist - Space Station

Short Bio

“In their work one feels the freshness and quality of experience that contains passionate creativity…” Rolling Stone - Croatia (May – 2014)

The Protagonist are:

R.S.Rush :

Vocals, Backgorund Vocals, Lyrics, Programming, Synths, Guitars and Piano.

Kuzman :

Guitars, Keyboards, Synths, Programming, Live Computers and Piano.

THE PROTAGONIST is formed in November of 2010 by R.S.Rush and Kuzman. With the aim of pursuing a more eclectic body of work, the band has been in the studio ever since recording their debut album “No Exit Museum” which lyrically is based on rich textual and inter-textually meaningful and thought provoking concepts, from sci-fi, drama to human and earth based conditions. The band finished their semi-concept debut album “No Exit Museum” which is mastered by Simon Heyworth (Nick Cave, Mike Oldfield, Brian Eno, Depeche Mode, SimpleMinds etc.). The live side of the band saw them opening for Billy Idol at the 2014 “Open Air-Skopje Gori” festival, and the show was critically acclaim and dubbed as the band had stolen the night from Billy. The Protagonist have performed, amongst other, an unforgettable show at the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje in 2013. Two singles and music videos have been released, both of the singles entered the MTV-Adria Top-20 charts. The Protagonist are sonically rich in texture and with their celestial musicality, unique blend of how they use electronics, organic sound and guitar lines, the heart-full vocals, their stories and soundscapes are not to be missed.


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